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Native American Teas

     Herbal Tea is an Indian tradition as old as time. NATIVE AMERICAN HERBAL TEA, INC. is a 100% American Indian owned and operated company. Their tea formulas are based on the stories and legends of how the American Indians used herbal teas in their culture.

     Born from the knowledge of generations of the first American tea drinkers, their tea contains all natural ingredients. No artificial color, flavoring or preservatives. Each beautifully designed box contains 12 caffeine-free tea bags.

Native American Teas - good for your health and great gift for a friend


     These superlative blends are only "common knowledge" plants and herbs, not the sacred plants used in healing ceremonies and are born from the knowledge of generations of first American tea drinkers.

     All Teas are created and packaged by Native Americans. All 6 of our special blends of Native Tea are good for your health and great for your spirit! A great gift for a friend, or for yourself. Why not try them all?


INDIAN LOVE TEA.™In the Indian culture when a young man fell in love with a woman he went through certain procedures. First, he would go to her father with gifts as was the traditional way. If the father approved of the young man and consented to give his daughter to him, the young brave would start his courtship. He would use his flute to play courting songs while the woman was inside her teepee. Often this would go on at night. Each brave had his own songs he would play for a woman, usually a special song played only for her. If the woman liked the young man, she would prepare a special blend of tea, INDIAN LOVE TEA.™ She would then come out of her teepee to the sound of the music and offer the young brave a cup of tea, a sign of mutual admiration.

GOOD MEDICINE™ teaNative Americans believe that in order to have good health you must first learn to live your life in complete balance with the natural laws set forth by the Creator. Included in these laws are a respect for nature, to possess a kind heart and to have high moral standards. These and other beliefs are what Native Americans call "Good Medicine." American Indians believe that Mother Earth has provided us with plants and herbs that are essential in maintaining good health. Our GOOD MEDICINE™ tea is a healthful blend of natural herbs that is said to lift your spirits and bring you many good thoughts and feelings.


CHIEF'S DELIGHT™ teaChiefs are known for having a well-rounded knowledge of many things. They usually met in tribal gatherings around an evening campfire to drink herbal tea and make plans for the well-being of the tribe. A special blend of tea would be prepared for the Chief with many tasteful herbs that would help him to think clearly and make good decisions. We call this blend CHIEF'S DELIGHT™.


TEEPEE DREAM™ tea     
TEEPEE DREAM™ teaNative Americans learned long ago to make life enjoyable, to listen to the birds sing and to appreciate the harmony of nature. At the end of the day it was always a special time to wrap up in buffalo robes and sit next to the fire to eat and tell stories while relaxing with a cup of herbal tea. It was during these special times when old time stories were told. Stories of the creations of mankind, prophecies and dreams, as well as other traditional stories designed to teach Indian youths of the good world.

VICTORY TEA™Horses were considered to be wealth among Native American tribes since they were first introduced by the Spanish sometime in the 1600s. For the Plains Indians it was considered an honor to raid an enemy camp, take horses and escape unharmed. This form of competition was considered to be quite dangerous, and was well noted between the Crow Indians and the Blackfeet Nations. A successful raid was honored with a "VICTORY" celebration including a feast. This is where the name VICTORY TEA™ comes from. Herbs which are carried by these raiding parties (Rose Hips, Hibiscus and Wild Cherry Bark) were selected because of their lightness in weight, good nutrition, easy consumption and quick energy needed.

WARRIOR'S BREW™ tea     
WARRIOR'S BREW™ teaIn the early years when herbs were essential in performing activities of endurance, Indians made different types of herbal teas. WARRIOR'S BREW™ is a fine blend of many beneficial herbs, one of which is Star Anise, a small parsley-like plant with serrated leaves. Because Star Anise has long-lasting energetic properties, the Indians used this knowledge to build up stamina that enabled young runners to perform tasks of various kinds. Every tribe had messengers that would run from one camp to another. Some camps were as far apart as 30 to 50 miles. WARRIOR'S BREW™ became one of the main essentials for making these fast-foot journeys possible..



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